GRC Pots Charlestown | GWH | Highpoint Project

City: Charlestown

Client: GWH

Completed: November 2019

Project: Highpoint

Material: GRC

Colour: Dulux Monument

Description: A very Large custom GRC pot planter order consisting of many custom sizes and very large custom molds. This had to be delivered in a tight timeframe of only 12-14 weeks which we easily delivered on.

Project Images

Pots Specifications:

GRC trough 1000L x 500W x 500H2
GRC trough 2000L x 500W x 500H1
GRC trough 2000L x 500W x 800H5
GRC trough 2000L x 500W x 1000H9
GRC cube 800L x 800W x 800H1
GRC square 1200L x 1200W x 800H9
GRC square 1500L x 1500W x 1000H1
GRC square 2000L x 2000W x 1000H3

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